Hi again :)

    So I have noticed a problem on both my PS4 and XBOX One using keymander. This problem presented with the wireless iogear keyboard that came with keymander so I switched to a generic wired Dell keyboard and a wired Perixx gaming mouse (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0083H4NG4/)

    In BF4 I have several keys set to switch view / knife (which is R3 aka right stick click)

    I am finding that MANY times no matter if I use the default key (have it set to F), a macro key or even switching to a mouse bind like scroll wheel click it will not always register. Sometimes it's massively delayed (lag?) and sometimes seems like it doesn't register at all and have to pound the key once or twice more. A few other keys have the same issue in battlefield for me (such as switching to gadgets) - click them and nothing happens and have to click again.

    The problem also cropped up in Destiny with my macro keybind to use my special ability. This happened in single player and multiplayer (though technically Destiny is multiplayer all the time so I guess I should say in both PvP and Missions). Not as bad as in BF but still annoyingly noticeable.

    Another "problem" is moving and reloading. Many times in both BF4 and Destiny it doesn't register me pressing reload while moving and/or sprinting. I'm wondering if there is an inherent limit to keypresses getting sent through? Like you cannot move diagonally via W and D at the same time? Do I need to take my hands off the keys whenever I want to switch camera? If so in a fast paced game that is going to make it much less useful...

    I've been trying to find a repeatable pattern but can't. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. More often then not it doesn't. It does better in say the test range in BF4 where it's just me but it still does happen even there.

    There were some times when it happened in single player game (Last of Us) but technically that too was over the net as it streamed from PSNow. I don't have any issues with my internet. Have 100/10 and am wired into the router via CAT5. All in game and speed tests come up roses, but yeah that's not under load. The test range should be a local instance though so I'm dubious of just saying "oh it's network related"... besides things like shooting never seems to be a problem. I've never aimed down site or pressed fired and it didn't immediately work as it should.

    I'm not sure if this is a power issue, a network issue, a keymander issue or what. TBH it feels like the key press data is not always getting through and I'm having to repress the key I want to get it to fire off.

    I am using the official micro usb cables for the console controllers. I'll try making sure they are fully charged and also try running one of the keymander mini usbs to power to try and rule out low power being the culprit...

    Any other ideas? Thoughts?

  • JSV
    Some progress on this - In addition to wiring up the keymander to have constant power via USB I have also tried taking the batteries out of my xbox controller and that seemed to have made a vast improvement at least on BF4 and with my switch camera key. Played all night with not one problem of using the macros with that. I'm going to keep testing and make sure it's not a placebo (or a good connection to that one server). I've also switched back to the wireless iogear kb and mouse since I don't think it's related to wireless at all and I would prefer less cords anyway :)

    I think sprinting is a different issue as it's still occasionally present. Could be actually the game itself as there are separate toggles for hold and sprint or press to sprint in the XBOX version game menu... Feeling like the combo of sprinting and moving is preventing the game from detecting other key presses until you stop sprinting. To be fair I cannot remember if you can reload while sprinting.
    EDIT: Ok so I just tested on both my PC and XBOX without keymander attached and you can very definately sprint and reload in the game with standard controls. I'll do some more testing with keymander attached.

    I had a problem with vehicle keys which turned out to be a setting in Battlefield called "vehicle aim relative control" that needed to be turned off (changes the direction the keys will move the vehicle relative to how it's facing on the screen... why DICE why?)

    Looks like there could be some different issue that I had lumped under one "key delay" issue. Apologies.

    Will do some more testing. Thanks.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi JSV,
    Can you check if the problem occurs when you are pressing multiple keys next to each other, like D+C+F or something similar? The keyboard that comes with the KeyMander kit has 8 anti-ghosting keys, and I'm guessing you may be experiencing a key rollover issue. It's not very common, but depending on which commands are bound to which keys, it may be causing an issue. That does not explain the mouse issue, but it is simple to check with a 19-26 key anti-ghosting keyboard, or a keyboard labeled with N-Key, 6-key or 10-key rollover since it will not experience any issues with pressing multiple nearby keys at once.
  • JSV
    OK so a lot more playing later this mostly seems to boil down to a few things -

    1) Powering the keymander. I don't know that it's implicitly necessary but it definately doesn't hurt and it *feels* like it's working better so if you have the mini USB cord then why not?

    2) Taking the batteries out of the controller. I think my XBOX controller was connecting and disconnecting via bluetooth (or wireless / wifi or however it connects). This led to a lot less oddities like game DVR randomly starting or the dashboard poping up like I had pressed the console key, etc. All that went away by powering the controller through the keymander.

    3) At least in battlefield what I found is a MACRO cannot fire while holding down shift for sprint. It will almost always fire however when you stop moving. This should be repeatable in test range or game by setting reload to R and then creating a macro to also set reload to E. The main key (R) will always work even if using multiple keys, but the macro key will not... although as I say you can sprint and when you stop then your guy will reload as though the keypress was queued up.

    I'm guessing #3 goes back to how the macros are programmed and why you couldn't have a macro that involves 2 keys pressed at the same time on the keyboard.

    I will check your anti-ghosting suggestion, but i think this is more or less solved for me at the moment.

    The only other oddity have seen is "mouse forward" seems to fire pretty consistently but "mouse back" does not and still misbehaves half the time (these are the the two thumb buttons on most mice including the GKM602R wireless mouse). Not sure why that is, but since everything is pretty much working as expected so I'm quite happy.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Does you controller have rechargeable batteries? If so, that is definitely the problem. When controllers with rechargeable batteries get low they can draw more current than what the KeyMander provides, especially if you are using a lighted keyboard and/or mouse. In this situation you need to connect the extra power cable to a USB power supply, or remove the batteries as you discovered.

    While there are some quirks to macros that we hope to refine in a future revision, I think #3 could possibly be a product of the limited anti-ghosting/key rollover on the wireless keyboard. If you send me your profile I can check it here to be sure.

    If the mouse back button is not working consistently, we need to look at that. Unless there is a macro running on it, it should be working 100%. Please let me know what commands are mapped to mouse back button.
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