• Shietbro
    It be nice to have an option where I can have 2 keys on the keyboard/mouse associated with the same button on the controller because, lets say I want to have roll down and roll up on the mouse set to the letter "Y". So when switching weapons it be easier. This is not really easy to explain so hopefully you guys understand.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Yes, we've been pushing our UI team to add this ability for quite a while now. We can do some doubling of commands by using the macros to add a second key with the same function, but it does not currently work for all commands. We agree it will be super useful, and it seems it will be coming in one of the next firmware builds.
  • Shietbro
    Nice! :D, it be awesome to have that ability in the software :D.
  • Prowler
    This would be a great addition to PUBG in the sense of looting. Using my mouse to loot has caused me to lose some of my speed. Being able to bind the scroll on my mouse would solve this for going through items quickly.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Thanks for the input, we will make sure this is seen by our developers!
  • Stella Murphy
    I,m using many types of keyboards including trackball pre-installed and they will no need to used pointing device or mouse separately. Its best and keep moving and provide best feed back for writing and handling any file or written context. I've seen many kinds of Iogear keyboards in this sites and its not much more costly.
  • JeremyH
    This was a year ago. Is anyone actually working on this? Are upgrades of any sort coming for keymander in the future?
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Yes we have our team working on this, I will check with them to see if we have an update.
  • Roscka
    Yes i use on blackout same button take look and healing, because loot IS 1 push and heal IS hold a button work very well
  • frederickgragg
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