• TheNeonSquirrel
    So I recently got myself the Keymander last week on Friday. I played from Friday through Sunday thinking wow I just wasted like 100$ on this crap. I wasn't good at all, I couldn't find setting I felt comfortable, and I was doing worse than I was on controller. I was having fun but I was doing bad. To be fair I never played pc games before so I was learning a new controller layout. Throughout the week on was on discord and the forums asking for help with settings on the game and asking questions in general. Well let me tell you this has been a great use of my birthday money. After like 5 days I started doing good, I started learning how to click the right buttons and not misclicking. But they only problem was my screen was delayed. I just dealt with it and I didn't care much as I always play heroes who are scoped in on Overwatch. But then thanks to an amazing group of admins they helped me fix all the issues and I'm now play being able to kick ass on Overwatch. This is my first week exactly today and I'm truly glad I bought this. Now there is no need to spend and extra 50$ for another adapter when the keymander does everything just fine. I'm truly thankful for all the admins who helped me and answered my multiple questions about my settings. Uhm yea just wanted to write about my first thoughts after 1 week. Again thank you very much for helping. Now I got to go out there and kick some ass, Cya.
  • Animal
    almost bought the xim4
  • Moderator [Derek]
    Thank you, we are very happy to hear you are enjoying your KeyMander!
  • Shietbro
    Derek so like what is different about the keymander and the Xim4 ? like does it simulate different ? are all/most mouse and keyboard simulators the same ? do they all face the same max turn speed issues and all ??
  • Moderator [Derek]

    All mouse and keyboard emulators do the same job in that they all emulate the controller commands using a mouse and keyboard. They also all face the same maximum turn speed issue since that is built into the game. The difference basically comes down to features, and which ones are useful and most important to you. We have an advantage in that our parent company is one of the largest KVM manufacturers in the world, so we mask our own microprocessors (a hugely expensive process) which helps bring down the cost of the product. That has given us a tremendous advantage in the marketplace, and why we have the built-in KM switch in our unit which no one else has. We are currently working hard to keep improving KeyMander, and you will see more features coming soon.
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