• fiyife
    When dealing with large PST files that are impeding Outlook's performance and creating potential data management challenges, Outlook PST Split Tool emerges as a robust third-party tool for effectively cutting down the file size. ToolsBaer Outlook PST Split Tool is designed to address the issue of oversized PST files while ensuring data integrity. This tool offers a multifaceted approach to reducing file size. The user-friendly interface of Outlook PST Split Tool ensures easy navigation, catering to users with varying levels of technical expertise. By utilizing this tool, you can efficiently cut down the size of your large PST files, thereby improving Outlook's performance, preventing potential data corruption risks, and enhancing your email management capabilities. Works with all Windows operating systems and also provides a demo version of some files so that you can get to know about the software.

    Read More: https://www.toolsbaer.com/pst-split/
  • Suman Rawat
    To split the PST files without losing or altering the data, you should use the most effective PST Splitter Tool. It can splits a single or multiple PST files in bulk without any hassle. Moreover, the tool allows split large PST files by Date, Size, email address, etc. Download the free version now on Mac or Windows.
  • angelalily
    GainTools PST Splitter is a capable program made to make splitting huge Outlook PST files easier. It allows for accurate and efficient splitting of PST files thanks to its user-friendly interface, preventing data loss and keeping data integrity. PST files can be divided by size, date, folder, or even by choosing particular email IDs. This solution guarantees top speed and makes managing Outlook data simpler, increasing overall productivity. GainTools PST Splitter streamlines data management and speeds up data access inside Microsoft Outlook, eventually improving the functionality of the email client. It does this by splitting large PST files into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • jullyjackon
    A capable program created to simplify the division of sizable Outlook PST files is Softaken PST Splitter. Its user-friendly interface makes it possible to split PST files precisely and effectively, preventing data loss and keeping data integrity. Users have the option of dividing PST files by size, date, folder, or even by choosing particular email IDs. This application ensures peak performance and streamlines Outlook data handling, increasing overall productivity. Softaken PST Splitter streamlines data management and speeds up data access within Microsoft Outlook, eventually boosting the functionality of the email client. Bulky PST files are divided into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Wayne Bush
    Split PST File is a powerful third-party tool designed to efficiently trim large-sized PST files without compromising your data. This tool offers a seamless solution to manage and organize your Outlook data by dividing oversized PST files into smaller, manageable segments. The process is quick and simple, ensuring that no data is lost during the splitting operation. With Split PST File, you can customize the division based on specific criteria, such as size, year, or folders, allowing for a tailored approach to managing your Outlook data. By breaking down large PST files into smaller, more manageable parts, you can enhance Outlook performance and prevent the risk of file corruption. Experience a hassle-free and secure way to optimize your Outlook data management with SameTools Split PST File, ensuring efficiency and integrity throughout the process.
  • Sanjeet Singh
    To reduce the size of a large PST (Personal Storage Table) file without losing data, consider archiving older emails using Outlook's built-in Autarchies feature. Create a new PST file to which you can move some data, and back up your PST file before making any changes. This ensures data safety. Cutting a PST file is a delicate process, so proceed with caution and use Microsoft Outlook's tools to manage your data efficiently.
  • unsukmack
    You want to cut large size Outlook PST files so I reminded try the ToolsCrunch Split PST Tool. Cutting large Outlook PST files into smaller PST files aids in overcoming such challenges. Multiple huge Outlook PST files can be cut into smaller multiple PST files. Furthermore, the software can split an Outlook PST file based on many characteristics such as size, email ID, folder, year, and so on. It can also cut many PST files at the same time. The application splits and organizes big PST files without causing data loss or corruption. This application supports all MS Outlook versions like 2021, 2019, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000. It support all Mac and Windows OS version.
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