• Birdie
    To split large PSF files reliably, users should opt for this amazing professionally tested Softaken Outlook PST Splitter Tool. Any user can use this tool to split large PST files in no time. Users do not face any hurdles when splitting large PST files. This app is reliable and works on any version of Windows. Moreover, the app is highly compatible, making it easy for users to divide files with the help of this amazing tool. The user will not face any kind of problem as the application provides a well-managed preview of PST files. This preview helps inform the user about changed file properties. The app also automatically scans all selected PST files. By displaying the file properly, the application ensures that the PST file is 100% accurate. Users can split PST files with four options split by date, size, year, and folder. File formats are preserved intact when using this amazing tool
  • angelalily
    Users should choose this fantastic, thoroughly tested GainTools Outlook PST Splitter Tool to reliably separate huge PSF files. This utility splits big PST files quickly for any user. When dividing huge PST files, users don't have any difficulties. This program is dependable and compatible with all Windows versions. Additionally, the program is quite compatible, making it simple for users to split files using this fantastic tool. Due to the application's ability to deliver a well-managed preview of PST files, the user won't encounter any issues.
  • raj priye
    The EmailProhelp PST Splitter tool is a software that can split a PST file into multiple smaller parts and then go through the. This tool will help you split and divide Larger or Oversized Outlook PST Files into Small Parts. Don't worry its simple GUI makes your work easier, The tool contains more features they are:-

    • There is an option to remove duplicate items while splitting PST Files.
    • You can divide and break PST Files of any size based on Size, Folder, Date, or Sender's Email ID.
    • Software Supports PST Files of All Outlook Versions including Outlook 2019 and Office 365.
    • The PST Splitter has a User-Friendly Interface for a quick split of PSTs.
  • keligonse
    If you need to split Outlook PST files by year you can try the ToolsBaer Split PST Tool, which is simple to use and fast divide Outlook PST files. Large Outlook PST files can be easily split into more manageable sections with this utility. It divides the Outlook PST file according to its size, year, and folder. Large Outlook PST files can be easily separated into more manageable portions with the help of the unique and cutting-edge tool. Splitting Outlook PST files based on size, date, or folder is straightforward using the Split PST tool. Users can utilize the sample version to test out certain components as well as the entire splitting feature. It is user-friendly for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Wayne Bush
    Splitting PST files by year can be a cumbersome task, especially when dealing with a large amount of data. There are efficient ways to simplify this process. Using specialized third-party tools like SameTools Split PST File for Outlook can be your key to a trouble-free experience. Split PST File for Outlook is a powerful tool make to split PST files seamlessly based on the year of the emails. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can easily organize your Outlook data by segregating it into separate PST files for each year. This ensures smoother performance and easier management of your emails, contacts, and other mailbox items. The software allows you to customize the splitting process according to your specific needs. You can set the date range for each year, ensuring precise division of your data. You can streamline your Outlook data management and optimize the performance of your email client effortlessly.
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