• Birdie
    Softaken PST Split Software is one of the best software . Which comes with high security and 100% accuracy. The software is very reliable, and it works with little effort. It gives you many options for splitting and many ways of splitting. It comes with two types of subscriptions (commercial , individual). PST split software splits files by size, year, and folder. It works with all Pentium-class processors. It was a lightweight and safe tool, providing top accuracy. It has an interactive interface. It creates a log report in the duration of splitting.
    These are five simple steps:

    • Installation and Launch
    • Click the Browse button and select the PST file.
    • Choose a splitting option such as by size, date, or email ID.
    • Choose the Output directory option and save the split PST files.
    • Finally, click the "Split" button to start the splitting process
  • raj priye
    The EmailProHelp PST Splitter is the best solution for breaking down large-sized PST files into smaller ones for easy access. It offers user-friendly operation, compatibility across Windows versions, and a free evaluation option. This utility seamlessly transforms PST files into smaller files. it extends support to PST files of all Outlook versions, encompassing Outlook 2019 and Office 365. This tool provides an option where users impart security by applying passwords to newly generated PST files. The software has more features mentioned below:

    • The software features an intuitive interface, ensuring a swift and efficient partitioning of PST files.
    • To gauge its performance, the tool offers a complimentary PST split feature, allowing users to assess its capabilities.
    • The tool boasts extensive compatibility with various Windows versions, including the latest Windows 11.
    • Users are only required to add the PST file, select the criteria for division, and proceed to split the large PST files.
  • angelalily
    One of the greatest programs is GainTools PST Split. This has 100 percent accuracy and great security. The software is extremely dependable and easy to use. You have a wide range of options and methods for dividing. There are two different subscription options available: commercial and individual. By size, year, and folder, PST split software divides files. All Pentium-class processors are compatible with it. It was a safe, portable gadget with excellent precision.
  • mrshad
    Thank you for sharing this valuable information on how to split large Outlook PST files into smaller parts using Softaken PST Split Software! It's great to know that this software is not only reliable but also offers high security and 100% accuracy. The availability of different splitting options and subscription types makes it versatile and suitable for various user needs. The clear and straightforward five-step process you provided for using the software is incredibly helpful. Your detailed explanation will undoubtedly assist many users in efficiently managing their Outlook PST files. Appreciate the insights! #ProductivityWin
  • fiyife
    Splitting large Outlook PST files into smaller parts is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and efficient data management. When PST files containing emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, and other essential data become excessively large, they can lead to sluggish Outlook performance and potential data corruption. To address this issue, users can use ToolsBaer Outlook PST Split Tool features to split these large files into smaller, more manageable . Three ways to split PST file, like file size or year folder. All versions of Outlook are supported here like 2021, 2019, 2016, and 2002, etc. By breaking down a large PST file into smaller parts, users can significantly improve Outlook responsiveness, streamline data access, and simplify the backup and archival processes.

    Read More:- https://www.toolsbaer.com/pst-split/
  • Wayne Bush
    To effectively manage and optimize Outlook performance, the task of splitting large PST files into smaller, more manageable parts is essential. A third-party tool, like "Split PST File," offers a reliable solution for this task. This tool facilitates the division of oversized PST files into smaller segments based on specified criteria such as file size, year, folders, or customized filters. By utilizing "Split PST File," users can alleviate the potential risks associated with large PST files, including data corruption and sluggish Outlook performance. Breaking down the PST files into smaller parts ensures a smoother email management experience, improving system responsiveness and preventing crashes. The process maintains the original folder structure and email attributes in each split file, preserving data integrity throughout the process. leveraging a SameTools Split PST File to split large Outlook PST files into smaller parts is a prudent step for efficient data management, optimizing Outlook performance, and safeguarding data integrity within the PST files.
  • unsukmack
    Split large Outlook PST files into smaller parts you can quickly and easily split into several Outlook PST files with the ToolsCrunch Mac Split PST Tool. Furthermore, this application splits Outlook PST files without the need for Microsoft Outlook. Using these devices, users can successfully split Outlook PST files into many Outlook PST files by size, year, and folder. This software is compatible with the whole Windows operating system version and Mac. The simple-to-use software can be utilized to split a single large Outlook PST file into a few simple tasks. Users can also split Outlook PST files into ANSI and UNICODE versions.
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