• HunterN
    I've been thinking about buying a keymander for my Xbox one but Im still foggy in some areas. Do I have to have the keymander connected to my computer for it to work? If my controller is plugged into my keymander and my headset is plugged into my controller will I be able to use my mic and hear in-game audio from my headset? Can you use a wireless mouse? Also what is the point of a "game profile" is it mandatory, Or is it just like a optional setting you can use if your lazy?

    Thanks in advance

  • MoyCollins
    I Bought my keymander just a few days ago and i had pretty much the same questions so heres my repply for you? No. You don’t need to have your keymander device connected to a pc all the time to work, you just connect the device to the pc so you can import game profiles or adjust some buttons to other keys on the keyboard or side-buttons on your mouse, about using a wireless mouse am not completely sure i use a Ttesports black element and is working fine, and needing the game profiles is not mandatory on my keymander device currently have just 1 profile and is for overwatch. But i’ve tried fornite battle royale with the overwatch profile and the Mouse and keyboard where working fine everything was fine but the scoped sniper sens was pretty low, the game profiles are like a quick way to start using your mouse and keyboard on the game you want, even if you dont find a profile for your game you can create one easily, and last one yes if you connect your headsets to your controller and the controller to the keymander you’re gonna listen everything on your headset, hope i help you
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi HunterN,
    MoyCollins is correct, you do not need a PC connected to play once you have setup your profile. However it does make profile tuning very easy if you have a laptop or PC connected, because you can use the Simulation mode to test and make changes while live gaming, before saving them to the profile.

    Xbox One will work with your headset connected to the controller's headset jack, and you will be able to hear in-game audio and use your headset's microphone normally.

    You can use a wireless mouse as long as it has a USB wireless dongle than can plug into KeyMander. Bluetooth mice are not compatible.

    The sample game profiles downloadable from our forum allow you to get started playing a game immediately, with optimized settings to help you get started. As you become more proficient with KeyMander, you will want to begin tuning profiles for your specific style of play- change sensitivity settings for the mouse, add custom mouse curves, change keyboard mapping, etc. You can play without downloading a profile, but it greatly helps setup and getting started if we have a profile for your game.
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