• jorge30173
    Hi i bought the Keymander like 3 Years ago and for the people that say that it doesn't work or that is bad i get what u mean but it is quite a good mnk adapter to any console, I'm asking this to the devs or admins or coders that know how the Keymander is really used/built like really how does it work cause a lot of ppl mostly Rainbow six/Apex Legends/Warzone Players that play on console and on pc can tell you that it is amazing how different the sensitivity is between console with Keymander and pc without it, cause let me tell you this i have used it for 3 years straight and have read everything and used all of the settings recommended and made several for my own and nothing is good enough.

    We all know that the other option besides Keymander is different in many ways and it is better for some games like R6/Apex/Warzone, just because the app and the settings are more easy to use and customize but that doesn't mean that its perfect, I can tell you for a fact cause I have use both and played with them that the customization on Keymander is way better in every way besides ease of use, what we need as a community that supports Keymander is simply a real guide of use, what i mean with this, a few things.

    - We need a 1:1 sensitivity guide to be exact as on pc (every single person that wants to use mnk on console is cause they wanna play like they can on PC that's just a fact) with this you can just make simple math problems to find ur sens in any game
    - We need a Guide to every popular game (mnk users play shooters most likely cause of the obvious advantage)
    - We need to get a fix on the mouse movements you can use 400/8000/12000 or any dpi with any mouse either on the keymander itself or using the app's play mode or even the simulation with or without changing the dpi setting in the app and with every setting on the keymander and the mouse doesn't feel good enough

    So please devs or Coders or Admins that do know how this works let us know how we can do a 1:1 sens like on pc cause this is the main thing why people buy Keymander

    Thanks for seeing this i hope everyone is doing ok and i appreciate the community and everyone here

    Much love :D
  • ScarFPS
    yo no way i was just trying to find a 1:1 sens on pc for siege and this is just posted imma check this to see if u get a reply homie this is what i need to play like on pc dawg im champ on pc and on ps4 it feels choppy af lol but yeah i hope this gets seen lol
  • jorge30173
    Glad you find this interesting, hopefully we will get an answer :D
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Jorge,
    Thank you for the post. At this time we are focusing all new development on the KeyMander 2 and limiting support for the original KeyMander to major bug fixes. The developers have changed the R6S and Apex Legends aim/look engines at least a couple times since development for the original KeyMander stopped, so our focus has been on updating the profiles for KeyMander 2. Because the KeyMander 2 is more powerful we have been able to dial in the algorithm better, but each aim/look engine is different and R6S and probably Overwatch are the two worst to work with and require a lot of dialing in for each person's specific play type. The OG KeyMander still works pretty well, but for the best performance we do recommend updating to the newest version, KeyMander 2, as we are actively developing around it.
  • jorge30173
    hi i bought the keymander 2 can youexplain how does it work ?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi jorge30173,

    Please join us at the KeyMander 2 forum and we can help you with the new version!
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