• SavvySoCool
    I have had the keymander 2 for a while now and It used to work great, until about 3 months ago. I got lazy anyways and decided to stop using it and just went back to controller. However I want to use it now and it still won't work. What happens is I pkug it into the console, power it on, plug in the controller and keyboard and it looks like its going to work perfectly, and then the second I plug in the mouse it stops. Everything turns on for a split seconds and then shuts off again. And then it repeats. I have used a different USB cable, different controller, different mouse and keyboard, and literally nothing is working. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  • Eduardo
    Please tell me the make and model of the units you have tried also please give me a detailed description of how you have everything connected and where are you connecting the cable for power?
  • SavvySoCool
    Thanks for replying. I have a keymander 2 as my adapter and I have a MageGee MK Storm keyboard, as well as a MagGee G11 Mouse. I have an Xbox one S that is plugged into a power strip. I have the keymander plugged into the back of my xbox with the KBM and controller all plugged into their ports. For the extra power I used to have it plugged into my xbox as well, which I tried, but then I tried plugging the extra power into the wall an it didn't work still. I have came to the conclusion that it is probably the mouse port because everytime I plug in my Keyboard and my controller, it works fine. But the second that I plug in my mouse, it stops working and has a weird glitchy spasm where it shuts off and turns back on, and then shuts off again. If needed I can record a video of this and attach it here. Thanks again for helping :)
  • Eduardo
    If you have a different mouse that is easy to check
  • SavvySoCool
    I used multiple different mice and they didn't work so idk
  • Eduardo
    One more question is the cable connecting the controller a charge and sync cable. If it is, then you may need to replace that unit
  • tyreik
    same problem is happening to me also
  • Eduardo
    Is the cable connecting the controller a charge and sync cable. If it is, then you may need to replace that unit?
  • headpoppa
    hey my KEYMANDER 2 isnt working right every time I plug my mouse into it turns everything off n on repeatedly that plug into it... I bought it hope to play siege but it’s not working properly I got the chance to bind the keyboard but not the mouse cause it juss turns everything off
  • tyreik
    bro it was working perfectly until i tried to update it with my phone its says the update download fine went back to play it everything glitching out im 100% sure its something wrong w the update so can u please get help its been four months
  • Eduardo
    Your inquiring about K2 I am in the first keymander please go to the K2 platform and verify that its the correct firmware that you downloaded.

  • Noah132
    Hey mine is also having the issue when I plug in my mouse everything dies if I unplug my mouse I can use my keyboard just fine everything is upto date update wise please help
  • Eduardo
    This issue is always related to the amount of power the mouse is pulling please try it with a basic mouse and see if that behaves the same way.
  • Oni
    Hi so I recently just bought the KEYMANDER 2 like yesterday and I’m trying to connect it to my Xbox, I went and downloaded the app I’m trying to sync it but it won’t sync, it attempts and then just stops, the KEYMANDER is also turning blue then greenish blue and then it makes a beep then turns off , then it repeats that so idk what to do
  • Eduardo

    3. Controller: OEM or aftermarket (aftermarket not supported)
    a. PS4: Is it a V2 controller that has the little LED bar above the touchpad
    b. XB1: Is it a standard controller or Elite Controller? If Elite is it V1 or V2 (V1 doesn’t support mic right now, V2 not supported at all)
    4. Phone/tablet model:
    5. Phone/tablet OS version:
    6. Keyboard model:
    7. Mouse model:

    These are the basic points of failure for a K2 unit:
    1. Does your phone connect to the K2 unit?
    • Is the phone GPS on?
    • Is the phone Bluetooth on?
    • Did you accept the app permissions?
    • Does the phone support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)?
    • Did you try pairing the device like a normal BT accessory before reading the instructions? If so, you need to forget the device pairing and pair only through the K2 App instructions.
    2. Is the firmware updated?
    3. Did you do a reset after the firmware was updated?
    • Press both buttons for about 8 seconds, let go and wait for white rotating light to stop.
    • If a profile was already synced you will need to resync the profile again.
    4. Is the proper profile type loaded for their console type (i.e. Xbox One profile for Xbox One console)? Xbox One controller will not turn on with PS4 profile loaded.
    5. Is the controller connected to the K2 unit with the micro USB cable supplied in the K2 box?
    • If you use your own cable this is a point of failure as it may not be a charge and sync cable.
    6. Is the controller fully charged (PS4 only)?
    • If not, the KeyMander will not connect and connecting an older controller that is not fully charged could cause low power situation for K2.
    7. Is the controller firmware updated (XB1 only)?
    • Connect the controller directly to the console with a micro USB cable and update in the system menu.
    8. Is the communication set to USB?
    • PS4 needs the setting changed in the PS4 system menu
    • XB1 may need the procedure performed to force USB connection.
    9. Is the external Power port connected to a 1Amp or greater power supply? Especially required if:
    • Running a RGB mouse and keyboard will likely need external power
    • Using a PS4 with an older controller (older internal batteries may have higher charge resistance and cause power failure for K2)
    • Using an Xbox One without batteries in the controller.
  • mickbiden2
    same problem is happening to me
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