• Jeff Bender
    I was not able to download any software . unzipped etc wheel kept turning round. Was half an hour not long enough to wait? Decided to bypass puter go with separate k/b mouse controller in front of keymander. they both seem to respond to some weird default thing. No way ingame to set gamepad controls to keyboard or mouse. ps button wont even take me out me out of the game. Programming since 1978...never seen a worse sytem. If you are in san diego area please come help. I am simply trying to play red dead redemption lol. 200 cash reward for your time. 760-809-2818
  • Jeff Bender
    btw if you can set me up to not use keymander inputs for k/b and mouse and just run off my puter....bonus 100 bucks. keymander is seeing my direct plugged kb and mouse so they do work
  • Jeff Bender
    I would like if my puter headphones also worked by maybe not possible with ps3. I do have wireless ones up and working fine plugged into the ps3 using the av plugs not hdmi
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Jeff,
    Was this the first time you connected to your PC? It sounds like your KeyMander is not being recognized by your PC's USB port. We can walk you through it if you want to give us a call tomorrow on our 800 technical support line 1-800-9-IOGEAR.
  • Jeff Bender
    thank you sir! got a few keys mapped...cant figure out how to assign arrow keys to movement or aiming lol. was hoping to aim with mouse and move with arrows. red dead redemption. No curser showing ingame with mouse. It does recognize the mouse mapped left click to shoot etc.Got a couple k/b keys mapped...but I guess some keys aren't eligible for mapping
  • Moderator [Derek]

    I haven't played RDR yet, so I'm not familiar with the game dynamics or controls needed, but you can map the arrow keys for movement if you do not want to use the normal WASD keys for movement.

    Start by clicking the left stick control box in the Button Mapping page:

    After clicking, the view will shift to editable boxes where you can change the mapping for each direction key:

    Change the WASD keys to the arrow keys, then save and upload to KeyMander.

    The only keyboard function we cannot currently remap is the Walk function, which is mapped to Caps Lock.
  • Jeff Bender
    Thanks Derek! I'll try again tonight to download the software. If I can't get it to work, I will call and have you walk me through the download :)
  • Moderator [Derek]

    No problem. Let us know if that solves the problem.
  • IlIIllll
    I cannot download the software as a zip file. Can someone help
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Is the problem downloading the file or unzipping it after the download?

    I sent you a link to some free unzipping programs in your previous post .
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