• Moderator [Marco]

    What game are you playing? The wireless mouse on that bundle has a 2000 dpi sensor, this is a good sensor but depending on the game you may need a better one.

    Also are you using one of our game profiles?
  • dariandookran
    Ive tried every thing in game my mouse keeps going up to the sky and i can look around but it keeps going back up.I need help!
  • dariandookran
    Yes im playing fortnite and im using a profile and my dpi is set to 3200 which is the limit to my mouse
  • Moderator [Marco]

    What kind of mouse are you using?
  • Moderator [Derek]
    Main post updated with more information to help dial in your profile settings!
  • FatDiet
    Hi, I've been using the Keymander for a few years now, and it's great. Recently i've encountered a weird glitch, or some malfunction. I play lots of overwatch and I have a smurf account (alternative account). Recently my main accounts sensitivity has become different from what it originally was. I left to go eat something, but when I came back the sensitivity was different. I don't know how. And I haven't been able to fix it to what it used to be on my main. Even though I fixed the sensitivity on my alternative account. I double checked my in-game settings and everything from both accounts, they're the same, but my main account's still "jittery", it's hard to describe. Right now I have the game uninstalled and i'm re-installing it to see if anything's changed. It might be a problem with the Keymander, it may be an in-game problem, or it may be because of some sensitivity glitch on my xbox's account. I can't track down the problem, any help would be appreciated. I can send a video to show what's going to help you get a better understanding on the problem if you'd like as well.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    A video may help but first let's confirm a couple things. Have you experienced a recent unintended shutdown of the KeyMander, as if it crashed? If so, the profile could have been corrupted although that's a very rare occurrence. The most common problem is accidentally hitting the mouse DPI button or accidentally hitting the F-key for a different profile. Do you make sure to always save and Export your individual profiles to make sure in the event of a crash they can be imported?

    If you play with a PC connected in Play Mode or Simulation Mode, anything that affects the Windows mouse driver can cause the mouse feel to change completely. This isn't commonly diagnosed since most people don't check their Windows mouse settings, or forget to optimize them for gaming in the first place. Do you play with a PC connected?
  • Prowler
    Great update to setup! This is a very good and thorough explaination of everything.
  • Shivam
    I read the stuff above and I was wondering what does ads delay time do?
  • Kronos
    Hello Derek,

    Question, when mapping the mouse, keymander give me the options M1, M2 etc etc.. however doesn't matter which M's i assigned it doesn't map with the mouse buttons i have, how can i check which button of the mouse is every M ??

    I appreciate your answer,

    My best,
    Untitled (5K)
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Kronos,
    Depending on your mouse you will use the programming options Left, Right, Middle, Forward and Back. The M button programming is not used with most mice. I think only certain models of Logitech work with those options if my memory serves. What mouse do you have?
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