• GrizzlyCMT
    Will a profile stay if I set the button Layout through my laptop and I'd disconnect it?
  • Mottflyer
    Yes, but only if you upload the profile to the Keymander first, which will be prompted once you hit the F12 key.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    I also use the export function after I create or finish modifying a profile. This gives me the opportunity to easily share the profile, and more importantly it ensures that if I ever have a system crash that corrupts my KeyMander or the "GamepadEmulator.conf" configuration file (where all your profiles are stored), I can easily import the individual profile file, or even group file if I export as a group.

    Power User Tip:
    If you have a huge KeyMander software configuration file (many people have over 10 groups of profiles since it's common to make several test profiles for the same game), it's also a good idea to make a copy of your GamepadEmulator.conf file every so often, and change the extension to .bak. Every time you open the KeyMander software it auto updates your GamepadEmulator.conf file, but in the event of a crash or corruption of your configuration file the KeyMander will attempt to create a new one with only the information saved into the KeyMander itself. If you have uploaded a group to KeyMander, that is the only group you would have. Also, profile cover images are not saved in KeyMander, so if your configuration file crashes these image will be gone as well. If you have saved a copy of your GamepadEmulator.conf as GamepadEmulator.bak, you can simply close the KeyMander software, delete the current GamepadEmulator.conf file and change the extension of your backup from .bak to .conf. When you reopen the KeyMander software, everything will be as it was when you last saved your backup file.
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