• karim
    Dear keymander team ,

    I requested many times an accurate profile for apex legends ps4 , the device is not accurate , i changed the options many times and there isnt any solution , i bought a new mouse ( razer deathader ) and razer orbweaver chroma key board , i need special assistance please because i begin to lose trust in keymander accuracy
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The PS4 profile posted for Apex Legends is extremely accurate, so if you are having issues with it what did you change?
  • Bo2Monkeyguy101
    You might have to change your deadline or your Max DPI if its not accurate, I am a big player of apex legends (On xbox) and after I changed my Max DPI and found the right deadzone my aim is always good.
    But because my PC and my Xbox aren't on the same monitor, I just used the direct mapping mode to adjust it.
  • karim
    Can you help me step by step , I will really appreciated
  • karim

    I found the sensitivity is too low even after i increased it in game settings

    I put the DPI of the mouse 10,000 and i’m on PS 4 console
  • Bo2Monkeyguy101
    I would wait for Derek for an accurate step by step but this is the best I can do:
    The main point the in-game sensitivity is for smoothness so always keep that high when you can, and to change your sensitivity (if your not wanting to switch back and forth, between computer and Console) I would recommend using direct mapping.
    To use Direct Mapping:
    1. Connect your controller using your USB cable to the Gamepad port on the KeyMander.
    2. Press Share + Options buttons at the same time. You will hear 1 beep from KeyMander and the Setting LED will flash slowly.
    3. Use the D-pad to change sensitivity
    a.Up D-Pad to Increase sens.
    b.Down D-Pad to Decrease sens.
    c.Left D-Pad to Increase ADS sens.
    d.Right D-pad to Decrease ADS sens.
    Just mess around with that until you feel its right.

    And is just the mouse sensitivity that seems low or is there anything else?
  • karim
    1st of all thank you alot for your support , i’m play on PS4 console so i think i would do the same but with PS4 joy stick

    2nd : the problem is specified in the ADS , always feel that its much slow than normal even if i raised the sensitivity@Bo2Monkeyguy101
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Apex Legends has aim assist if you want to use it, so first you need to decide if you want to use it or not. If you want to play with the game's aim assist function you will need to change your DPI settings so they don't fight against the aim assist.
    For playing with Aim Assist:
    • Make sure you download our Apex Legends sample profile for PS4. Don't forget to hit Upload to send it to the KeyMander after you have imported the profile into the KeyMander software.
    • Set your mouse to 3500-4000dpi and set KeyMander dpi to match it.
    Set your in-game settings as listed below:
    • Sensitivity: 7
    • Sensitivity (ADS): 7
    • Response Curve: Steady
    • Look Deadzone: Small
    • Movement Deadzone: Small

    If you don't want Aim Assist function in the game, set in-game sensitivity to 8 and aim assist will be disabled.
  • Moderator [Derek]
    the problem is specified in the ADS , always feel that its much slow than normal even if i raised the sensitivity@Bo2Monkeyguy101karim
    If you raise the sensitivity too much you will have a problem with the game's turn speed limit. Once you hit the game's turn speed limit, it will feel even slower moving the higher you set the sensitivity. Read this for more explanation.
  • karim
    thank you derek alot for your prompt replay and assistance , i will take all this advises and apply it today and see what will happen and let you know
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