• Dengue
    This is the profile I've found to work best for my play style. This was made from the sample profile and edited to my liking.

    In-game settings
    Vertical Sens = 100
    Horizontal Sens = 100
    Left Stick Dead Zone (%) = 6
    Right Stick Dead Zone (%) = 6
    Aim Assist Disabled
    Aim Down Sights = 100
    Gadget Deployment Toggle

    My Gear is as follows
    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum(12000 max dpi, but I set mine to 10000)
    k55 corsair keyboard
    roosewill large mousepad

    Keymander Settings
    Set your mouse dpi in the keymander settings to 10000(If your mouse can't reach 10000, just match the dpi's and hopefully it works the same)
    R6S-Dengue.profile (133K)
  • coolmanZ1221
    Hello, what do I do if my max mouse dpi is 4000? do I need to lower or high a certain setting in the keymander settings? and thank you.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Set your mouse and KeyMander to 4000 dpi and all sensitivities and curves will work the same.
  • coolmanZ1221
    When I did that the sensitivity became slower. Is there any way to fix this issue?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The sensitivity isn't any slower and there isn't anything wrong. You asked what you needed to do if your mouse was 4000dpi because the profile creator was using a 10Kdpi mouse, and you don't need to do anything accept set the mouse resolution and KeyMander dpi setting to 4000. The movement speeds and curves are the same on both mice as long as you match the DPI setting between the mouse and the KeyMander. See the illustration below:

    The only difference is the resolution of the mouse which basically means the higher resolution mouse should be able to resolve tiny mouse movements more accurately in theory. In actuality, resolutions above 4-5K dpi don't add much more usable resolution and can often times add noise or induce jitter depending on the mouse sensor, and make long range sniper shots more shaky. Very high dpi settings can also work against you when using auto-aim in many games, as there is so much data coming in it basically overrides it. Your 4K dpi mouse is right in the sweet spot for accuracy and auto-aim (if you like that) for most games.
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