• mikeisdamn
    So I have a Coolermaster Devestator 2 Keyboard. When not plugged into the Keymander the Scroll lock turns the light of the keyboard on. When it's plugged it, it won't do the same, even in keyboard mode. Is there something I should map to scroll lock to get the light on the back lite keyboard to turn on?
  • Moderator [Marco]

    How many cables do you have running to the keymander. Since the keyboard is back lit it may be drawing to much power from the keymander. Try connecting a cable in the POWER port and wire that to a wall charger and see if that fixes the issue.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    It could be that it has to see a PC connection to allow the SL button to function, but that seems like a very strange way to actuate lighting control.
  • mikeisdamn
    Currently I have the power cable, Game cable connected to gamepad. Mouse and keyboard are connected and function fine. Everything works with the device as intended.

    But if I put the keyboard into the PS4 by itself it will use the scroll lock button just fine. I thought Keyboard mode might fix the issue, but it doesn't. The button for the backlight only seems to work when either plugged into a pc or into the PS4 directly. So only when plugged into the keymander does the scroll lock not yield the on/off of the lights.

  • Moderator [Derek]

    The PS4 recognizes keyboards so it will act like it does with a PC to some extent, which is why the button works. KeyMander makes the keyboard appear to the PS4 like it is part of the controller, so it will not see a keyboard when connected to KeyMander.

    Here's a permanent solution I found online that keeps the keyboard on whenever the PC is on (in the case of KeyMander I'm guessing it will be lit whenever KeyMander has power connected):
  • frederickgragg
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