• Cris574
    Hello just got Keymander and its pretty amazing to use when setup and adjust premade profiles.

    I need help making a profile tho since there isnt a premade profile for Battlefield Hardline. My sensitivity is set to where i want it but it seems like i baraly touch the mouse and the beginning movement is to jittery. Is this where i tune the deadzone???

    I tried tuning the deadzone in game from 5% to 200% but didnt see i big change.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Cris574,

    What console are you using? You may be able to use a Battlefield 4 profile as a base, and adjust the deadzones and mouse sensitivity as needed.

    The deadzone setting counteracts the non-responsive area built around the controllers' thumbsticks which causess slow response when moving or lack of response when making tiny movements. It needs to be set correctly, but that is not what is causing the issue you described.

    A jittery mouse response can be caused by a few different things, and since we don't know what mouse you are using we will check the usual suspects:
    1. Profile mouse sensitivity- Having the mouse dpi and/or the KeyMander's mouse dpi setting too low, while the profile's mouse sensitivity is set too high can cause a choppy mouse response. Think of the mouse's maximum dpi as a maximum accuracy range, and think of the mouse sensitivity setting in the profile as the scale by which that maximum range is chopped up. The higher the dpi range, the finer the control you have within the maximum range. If we have a range of 1-100 in blocks of ten, you have ten options for sensitivity. If we change to blocks of 1, you get 100 options and a lot more ability to dial in a perfect setting.
    2. Exceeding maximum turn speed- If you have the mouse sensitivity set too high and exceed the game's maximum turning speed, you will have poor response with the mouse. Read this link Understanding Mouse Settings and make sure to set the mouse sensitivity so that peak mouse speed is near or not too far over the game's max turn speed. I prefer to set the sensitivity so that the fastest speed I normally swipe is about at the max turn speed. This gives me a good overall feel for most games without having to make a custom mouse curve. As you get better with KeyMander or the more you play certain games, you may find yourself wanting to have a faster initial mouse speed or a lower upper speed limit, etc. so at that point it's worth spending the time to create a custom mouse curve.
    3. Mouse sensor vs. gaming surface- This is a somewhat common problem and an easy fix. Some mouse sensor types work better on certain surfaces, so get an appropriate type of mouse pad for your sensor type. If you are using an optical mouse, use a good textile type mouse pad. If you are using a laser mouse, try a harder surface pad. There is a lot of really tweaky information on the web if you are interested, but any decent mouse pad will normally work well enough. You really just need to make sure you're not using the mouse directly on a desk, or highly reflective surface such as metal or glass.

    Let me know if this helps!
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