• Ajay Bali
    Using the CloudMigration Thunderbird Backup Tool is the most effective and secure software that allows you to backup your all mailbox data. It can export Thunderbird emails into different file formats such as PST, PDF, EML, EMLX, MSG, CSV, etc. Moreover, it also offers to convert Migrate your Thunderbird mailbox to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, etc. They exclude email attachments to make the backup precise and compact. Additionally, it widely supports all versions of the Windows and Mac operating systems. To analyze the performance, you can download it.
  • jonkonmithen
    To export Thunderbird emails to PST format, you can use the OSTtoPSTAPP MBOX to PST Converter Tool. Before using this application, users need to extract MBOX files from Thunderbird first. This application is easy to use for both non-technical and technical users. This application stores different types of data. It is compatible with Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, SeaMonkey, and many other email clients. MBOX files contain multiple emails and attachments, while PST files contain multiple emails, contacts, notes, messages, calendars, and other objects. This tool exports MBOX files to PST in bulk. You try also to utilize the free demo version.

    Visit her:- https://www.osttopstapp.com/mbox-to-pst.html
  • Peter Groft
    To manually export Thunderbird emails to PST format, you'll need to follow a multi-step process involving Thunderbird, an intermediate email client, and Microsoft Outlook. Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Prepare Thunderbird
    Install Mozilla Thunderbird: If you don't already have Thunderbird installed, download and install it from the official Mozilla website.
    Setup an IMAP Email Account: If you don't have an IMAP email account set up in Thunderbird, you should add one. IMAP allows synchronization between email clients.

    Step 2: Install Mozilla Thunderbird Add-ons
    Install ImportExportTools: You'll need an add-on called "ImportExportTools." You can find and install this add-on through Thunderbird's add-ons manager.

    Step 3: Export Thunderbird Emails
    Open Thunderbird: Launch Mozilla Thunderbird.
    Select the Folders: Choose the Thunderbird folder that you want to export. Right-click on it and select "ImportExportTools > Export all messages in the folder > EML."
    Choose the Location: Select the location where you want to save the exported EML files.

    Step 4: Use Windows Live Mail as an Intermediate Step
    Install Windows Live Mail: If you don't have Windows Live Mail installed, download and install it on your computer.
    Import EML Files: Open Windows Live Mail and import the EML files you exported from Thunderbird. To do this, click on "File" > "Import Messages," and follow the prompts.
    Connect an Outlook.com Account: If you don't already have an Outlook.com (or a Microsoft 365) account, create one or use an existing account.
    Link Your Outlook.com Account: In Windows Live Mail, link your Outlook.com account by adding it as an email account.
    Move Emails to Outlook.com: Select the imported EML messages in Windows Live Mail and move them to your Outlook.com inbox.

    Step 5: Export from Outlook.com to PST
    Access Outlook.com: Open Outlook.com and log in with your Outlook.com (or Microsoft 365) account credentials.
    Use Microsoft Outlook: In Outlook.com, click on the gear icon (settings) in the top right corner and select "View all Outlook settings." Go to "Sync email" and enable IMAP.
    Configure Outlook: Set up your Outlook (desktop version) email client with the same Outlook.com (or Microsoft 365) account as IMAP.
    Move Emails to Outlook PST: Drag and drop the emails from your Outlook.com account to your Outlook PST file. This will synchronize them to your local PST file.

    Step 6: Verify and Clean Up
    Open Outlook: Launch Microsoft Outlook, and you should find your Thunderbird emails in PST format.
    Verify Emails: Double-check to ensure that all emails have been successfully imported.
    Clean Up: Organize and manage your emails as needed within Microsoft Outlook.

  • Lawerence Jackson
    You can try ToolsCrunch Thunderbird to PST Converter which provides a simple and accurate solution to export Thunderbird emails to PST format. You can convert unlimited Thunderbird files to PST files without any data loss. Its interactive GUI is helpful for both technical and non-technical users who can effortlessly convert Thunderbird files to PST with attachments and all email properties in an accurate manner. Users can save time by converting bulk Thunderbird files to PST file format. It works on all Mac and Windows OS versions.

    Visit here: https://www.toolscrunch.com/mac-thunderbird-to-pst-converter.html
  • cameronjounyan
    To export Thunderbird emails to PST format, I recommend the BetaVare MBOX to PST Converter Tool. This application exports Thunderbird MBOX emails to Outlook PST files in bulk. This application is very easy to use for both non-technical and technical users. This application supports many types of email clients. It is compatible with many email clients. It is a 100% secure app so there is no data loss during conversion.

    Read More information:- https://www.betavare.com/mbox/pst/
  • raj priye
    Want to back up Thunderbird email then you need a third-party solution so here I would suggest you go with the SysInfo Thunderbird Backup Tool is If a If reliable If utility for If the users If to back up Thunderbird mailbox items into the hard drive or locally on the system. The software can save or export mailbox data such as emails, sent items, drafts, and attachments into different file formats and email clients. It includes multiple features like previewing the files, saving in the same folder, removing duplicate items, and many more. Moreover, the Thunderbird backup tool can easily download or migrate Thunderbird items into PST, EML, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Office 365, and other file formats or email clients.
  • keligon
    When users need to export Thunderbird emails to PST format, you can try the ToolsBaer MBOX to PST Converter Tool. This application is simple to use for all users both non-technical and technical. It is a straightforward application without deleting any MBOX data from Thunderbird into PST file. It works with PocoMail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, GNU, SeaMonkey, and other email applications. MBOX files have a large number of emails and attachments, whereas PST files have a large number of emails, contacts, notes, messages, and so on. PST files easily export and import another format or email client.
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