• raj priye
    If you're in search of software that simplifies the task of backing up your OneDrive data to another location, then look no further than EasyTechTools OneDrive Backup Software. This application stands out as the top choice, especially for Microsoft users seeking a straightforward and user-friendly solution for OneDrive data backup. The software excels in its ability to back up your OneDrive data not only to another OneDrive account but also to Gmail and the local drive of your computer. In addition to these features, this software offers several other features:

    • Create a Backup of OneDrive to Another OneDrive, Google Drive, and Local/Hard Drive.
    • Migrate Data from OneDrive for Business and OneDrive for Personal to another Business or Personal OneDrive.
    • Equipped with the Date Range Filter option to select data from a specified date to a specified date.
    • 100% OneDrive Backup to other drives and hard drives.
    • High Compatibility with all versions of Windows OS including Windows 11.
  • Peter Groft
    Use the OneDrive Sync Client (Windows or Mac)

    Install OneDrive Sync Client: If you haven't already, install the OneDrive desktop app on your computer. You can download it from the official Microsoft website.

    Sign In: Launch the OneDrive app and sign in with your Microsoft account, which is the same account associated with your OneDrive storage.

    Sync Your Files: Select which folders or files you want to sync to your local computer. This will create a copy of your OneDrive files on your computer.

    Regularly Back Up Your Computer: Since your OneDrive files are now on your computer, you can back up your computer using your preferred backup software or method. This ensures that your local copy of OneDrive is included in your regular backups.

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