• Kriti Max
    Many times we have seen that users face storage issues in their Outlook, as their PST files get full, and it can ruin the entire mailbox. If the size of the PST files increases, and there is a storage problem, it can affect entire Outlook’s performance. The process of splitting the PST file is not as easy as it seems. Literally, users require software that can easily perform the whole process without any restrictions. There are two types of methods available, one is the manual method, and the other hand third-party tool. If you precede the task via the manual method, it can affect your data, and ask for technical skills which is not possible for each user.
    Hence, it would be better to go with a professional tool like Shoviv PST Splitter Tool that allows users to split large PST files into small ones without any size restrictions. It provides four options to split PST file by year, size, date, and folder. It is comfortable with both Outlook files, i.e. ANSI, and Unicode. It accepts all versions of the Windows operating system.
    Shoviv also offers a free trial version of the software to the users for more exploration.

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  • bhaskar
    MacSonik PST Splitter Tool is prominent and effortless with 100% data security. Using this tool you can divide one PST file into smaller files. With the help of this tool, you can cut the PST files with various divisions Split PST by Size, Email, Sender, Date, etc. Moreover, this tool allows you to have sufficient output of bulk splitting of PST files while ensuring data integrity. It is support all old and latest versions of Mac. Download the demo version of this tool for know more information.
  • mateo12
    A free demo version of the set to divide a PST file into many pieces is available at ToolsCrunch Mac Split PST Tool. It is a strong application that enables users to separate their PST files into many segments based on their requirements. Users may divide PST files into pieces of any size, and it supports PST files of all sizes. Users of split Outlook PST Software may choose which things should be included in each portion and can preview the items before separating them. The divided PST files can also be password-protected by users. The sophisticated function of the utility also enables you to divide PST files according to their size, folder, and year. All Mac and Windows OS versions are supported by this application. Versions of Microsoft Outlook compatible with it include 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. Download the trial version and the first few files separately without charge.
  • Emmawatson1
    If you want to Split PST files by year then use the Softaken Outlook PST Splitter Tool on all Windows versions without any data loss. This application can simply divide all big-size PST files into small PST file formats without hurdles. Both technical and non-technical users can also use this software to divide PST files by date, folder, file, year, etc. All MS Outlook versions are supported by this such as; 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. Users can save their divided data as per the required location on the desktop. Use the free demo version of this app to know more features and functions of the tool.
  • Ronaldo
    One special feature offered by ToolsBaer Outlook PST Split Tool is the ability to separate Outlook PST files by year. An Effective Method for Loss-Free Splitting of a Large PST File into Multiple Parts. Furthermore, even after dividing a PST file into many ones, the hierarchy and data integrity of the folder remain the same. Users may easily divide a PST file by year with this utility. Users can download a free demo version to check out the newest features and functionality.
  • Riyaz
    If you want to split overloaded Outlook PST files then I suggest you try MailsDaddy PST Split Tool. This excellent solution easily splits large PST files into multiple smaller parts without losing any data. This reliable software ensures that all your data including email, attachments, calendar, events and other information is safe. It is also capable of splitting corrupted and password-protected PST files. The MailsDaddy PST file splitter software is compatible with all versions of Windows OS and Outlook.
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  • Rohit Dixit
    When the system is overloaded with files, Outlook starts performing unproductively. All of the data is kept in the PST files like emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, and so on. When PST file becomes larger in size then there might be the chances that all of your data can be lost. The PST file can be corrupted at any point of time. Then you need to split the PST file by year. When I was facing the same situation then after trying different options I did not get any relevant results. But when I tried SysTools PST Splitter Tool then my issue is solved permanently.
  • raj priye
    The EmailProHelp PST Splitter stands out as the best choice. With its simple user interface, it ensures a user-friendly experience for breaking down large-sized PST files into smaller ones. Its compatibility spans across Outlook versions, encompassing even the latest ones like Outlook 2019 and Office 365. This tool also incorporates an added layer of security, allowing users to put passwords to the newly created PST files. The software boasts an array of additional features, some of which are below:-

    • The software features an intuitive interface, ensuring a swift and efficient partitioning of PST files.
    • To gauge its performance, the tool offers a complimentary PST split feature, allowing users to assess its capabilities.
    • The tool boasts extensive compatibility with various Windows versions, including the latest Windows 11.
    • Users are only required to add the PST file, select the criteria for division, and proceed to split the large PST files.
  • Wayne Bush
    To efficiently manage and organize your Outlook data, splitting a large PST file by year is essential. Split PST File is a top solution for this purpose. This robust tool enables users to seamlessly divide oversized PST files based on the year of the emails'. you can easily select the desired year range, and the tool will automatically separate the emails from the chosen years into distinct PST files. This process ensures that each PST file contains emails specific to a particular year, simplifying data management and retrieval. By breaking down your PST file into yearly segments, you can optimize Outlook performance, reduce the risk of file corruption, and ensure efficient data organization, enhancing productivity in managing your email data effectively. Sametools Split PST File is your go-to choice for seamless and reliable PST file splitting by year.
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