• Muskan
    Verification and validation are two essential processes in software testing, but they differ in their objectives. Verification focuses on checking whether the software meets the specified requirements and adheres to the design and development guidelines. It ensures that the software is built correctly. Verification activities include reviews, inspections, walkthroughs, and static analysis techniques.

    On the other hand, validation aims to evaluate the software during the testing phase to determine whether it satisfies the intended use and meets the customer's expectations. It ensures that the software is working correctly. Validation activities include dynamic testing, functional testing, performance testing, and user acceptance testing.

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  • Cajetano
    At the same time, validation is equally important in DeFi dApps, as it ensures that the software is working as intended and meets the high expectations of users. This includes testing the functionality of the smart contracts, evaluating their performance under different conditions, and conducting user acceptance testing to ensure that the dApp is user-friendly and meets the needs of its target audience.
    In conclusion, both verification and validation are essential components of software testing in general, and particularly in the context of DeFi dApps. By understanding the difference between these two processes and implementing them effectively, developers can create robust and reliable dApps that meet the needs of their users while minimizing the risk of errors and vulnerabilities: https://blinklist.com/business/opportunities-using-defi-dapps-for-business-managers/
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