• cameronjounyan
    The Split PST Tool is the best and safest application; it divides Outlook PST files into size, year, and folder, without losing any data and places folders in user-given order so that the user does not have any problem finding their data. And it has the following PST properties: attachments, notes, messages, emails, contacts, and calendars. It divides Outlook PST files without installing Microsoft Outlook, and you can also use free demo versions. And it is suitable for all Windows versions and Microsoft Outlook versions. It separates enormous Outlook PST files without sacrificing any data and is extremely simple to use.
  • fiyife
    Dividing Outlook PST files by size is an effective way to manage and organize your email data, ensuring optimal performance and easier access to specific information. Over time, PST files can grow large and lead to performance issues in Outlook. By splitting them based on size and year, you can keep each PST file at a manageable level while archiving older data for future reference. Divide by Size: When a PST file reaches a certain size threshold (e.g., 2GB in older Outlook versions), it becomes susceptible to corruption and slowdowns. To divide the PST file by size, you can use various methods. Third-Party Tools: Several software applications are designed specifically for PST file management, allowing you to split the PST file into smaller segments based on a specified size limit. Automated Tools: Some third-party PST management tools offer the ability to split the PST file by year automatically, streamlining the process. You can use ToolsBaer Outlook PST Split Tool, it is better than other third party tools and split your file in few clicks. and also gives demo.

    Read More: https://www.toolsbaer.com/pst-split/
  • Wayne Bush
    The software offers a seamless solution to split PST files into smaller segments. You can split large PST files by size, date, folder or specific criteria, enabling better Outlook performance and data organization. The tool ensures that email attributes and folder structure remain intact throughout the splitting process and data integrity is maintained. Compatible with all Outlook versions, SameTools offers a user-friendly experience while preventing the risk of data corruption due to oversized PST files. By using SameTools Split PST to split PST files, you can optimize Outlook efficiency, reduce the risk of errors, and effectively manage your email data. This approach improves accessibility, Searchability and general email management, resulting in a more streamlined and productive experience. You can share some PST files for free, you will learn more about the tool.
  • mohd shahbaaz
    The Aryson Split PST Software is a helpful tool for making your Outlook email files easier to handle, especially if they're very large. It lets you break up large PST files into smaller parts, which are easier to work with. You can choose how to split the files based on things like dates, file sizes, specific folders, or who sent the emails. This is useful if you have one or many PST files with emails, contacts, calendars, and more. The tool also keeps your files safe with password protection and removes duplicate emails. You can either make one big PST file or several small ones, which is great for improving your Outlook experience on different versions of Windows.
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