• Jimmywick
    Migrating large volumes of documents from files shares to SharePoint Online has always been somewhat of a matzo ball. Most organizations just had two choices: allow users to drag and drop files manually or purchase a third-party migration tool. The first option worked OK for small/ad-hoc moves of data, but for serious volumes (tens/hundreds of thousands of files and folders), you had to acquire a third-party tool. While I used those tools numerous times to migrate my clients, it did not make financial sense for small businesses looking to do a one-time migration. Luckily, Microsoft has recently come up with a tool of its own, which is entirely free. In this post, I would like to document the process of how to migrate file shares to SharePoint Online using Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool.

    Step 1: Do your homework first!
    Step 2: Download and install the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool
    Step 3: Perform your first migration

    Get the details about How to move file Server to SharePoint with O365CloudExperts.
  • Zolpart
    Some straightforward tools can help you to migrate a file server to Sharpoint easily and quickly, take a look at Gs Richcopy 360 or Carbonite,
    Both Gs Richcopy 360 and Carbonite offer features that can help with migrating data from a file server to SharePoint, but there are some differences between the two tools, so search both.
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