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    Some customers choose to store their Office 365 backups on-premises, which works great if they have extra local storage available, but many customers prefer the public cloud, which is the ideal destination for Office 365 backups due to its lower costs, simpler deployment, and unlimited scale.

    Actually, there are numerous Office 365 Cloud Backup solutions, so, it is important to make an Office 365 Cloud Backup comparison to choose the right one for your organization. If you have no idea about how to choose a Cloud Backup for Office 365, there are key criteria you can refer to:

    Security: How does the solution guarantee your data cannot be intercepted or stolen while in transit or in storage? Does the solution support encryption? If yes, how reliable is it?

    Restore speed: How many restore options will you have? Can you restore just one object or must you restore the whole backup? How quickly can you find the required archive file or email?

    Simplicity: How easy is it to start and learn it? Can your IT generalist manage it, or do you need to hire a backup/storage professional?

    To know more about the Best Office 365 Backup, visit O365CloudExperts.
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