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    Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 Migration
    Day-to-day performance issues, user access issues, error messages, and longer access time to mailboxes – or worst, database corruptions – are the most common sources of trouble due to which businesses decide to move from Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, or later versions to office 365. And running the exchange in the age of the cloud is not quite a good idea.

    Choose the Right Migration Method
    The first step involved in the transition is choosing the right Office 365 migration method. There are several methods involved in migration, and we need to choose the most appropriate method that best suits your requirements.

    Cutover Migration method:
    Cutover migration is the most common method for migrating data from on-premises systems to the cloud. It involves taking a complete copy of a system’s data, cutting over the old system’s functions to the new system, and then bringing the old system back online.

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  • OliviaWatson
    Microsoft provides a number of options for switching from Exchange to Office 365 migration. However, these answers might not be the most straightforward ones. Users are interested in knowing the detailed instructions for migrating from Exchange to Office 365 for this reason. Too much time is spent on the manual remedies. In addition, the procedure will grow drawn out and there is always a risk of data loss. When executing the migration task, the manual solution could have an impact on the data's originality. For users to manage the complete migration manually, they also require strong technical expertise.

    With just one click, users can effortlessly transfer several mailboxes from Exchange to Office 365. During the Exchange migration process, this programme does not impose any size limitations on the mailbox. After adding their Exchange mailboxes to this expert tool, users can access all of their data in preview mode.
    Additionally, users have the option to add or remove items prior to transfer using the item type, date, and folder-wise criteria. With the help of this tool, moving mailboxes to Office 365 is easy and requires few steps. Users can utilise the free trial version to learn about the complete migration procedure.
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