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    Microsoft is known to release new and updated software versions continuously. It starts to retire the older versions of the same software. Whether it is an Operating System, Web Browser, Email Manager, or other software products, Microsoft does not keep the software for a more extended period. Just like the Exchange 2010 extended support ended, Server 2013 is also approaching the same. It replaces it with a newer and better version.

    With the release of Exchange Server 2019, the latest version in the market, there is no need to keep Exchange 2013.

    Exchange Server 2013 brought many significant changes in the user interface, and it started providing an advanced Exchange Admin Center that replaced Exchange Management Console completely. Many features like In-Place Archiving, eDiscovery search, and retention were introduced in the Exchange 2013 for the first time. Now it is the time to retire. It is almost ten years now after its release.

    On June 24, 2022, Microsoft announced that April 11, 2023, would be the date when Exchange Server 2013 would reach the End of Support.

    Now, Microsoft will no longer provide the following services to this version of Exchange Server-

    No more technical support for any kind of error in the software.
    No longer bug fixing, and it may create usability and stability issues.
    No longer security fixes to remove the vulnerabilities in Exchange 2013.

    To know about the Exchange 2013 End of Support, visit O365CloudExperts.
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