• Jimmywick
    Why Businesses Are Migrating Email To Office 365?
    If counting, we can find plenty of reasons for migrating to Office 365. The advantage of leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, enhanced IT security, multi-user collaboration, and much more.

    1. Enhanced Email Service Efficiency With AI And ML
    With office 365, every user can leverage the benefit of technological advantages that AL and ML give today. The intelligent use cases of Microsoft graph that helps to access information that frequently defined around the platform help to recognize the way companies talk internally.

    Plus, the intelligent auto-meeting scheduler, intelligent detection of deliveries, email sorting, and intelligent email search result are some of it. The additional AI-driven features help to get the email read metrics by the reader and email open count with clarity.

    2. Improved Email Security
    As the style and modes of cyberattacks are increasing, robust email security is a quintessential feature that users expect from all email servers.

    Office 365 is filling the needs by adding the most efficient security feature such as litigation hold (secures business mailboxes unlimitedly), anti-spoofing with sender validation tools such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, auditing (mailbox), encryption (SSL/TSL), multi-factor authentication with notification, intensive mobile device security policies(controlled access), Microsoft secure source support, etc.
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