• Jimmywick
    Microsoft is believed to be working on a new virtualized desktop experience called 'Cloud PC' to help administrators deploy and manage Windows 10 PCs in the cloud via web browser, mobile app or another PC.

    Cloud PC will also allow Microsoft to handle your organization's device configuration by applying updates security improvements regularly, and offer managed support. Reports have suggested that this new feature is part of the company's "Windows as a Service" tagline, which has become more apparent this year.

    Windows 10 Cloud PC is based on Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop and it won't replace any version of Windows. Instead, it will be offered as an option for enterprise customers who want to access their Windows PC from anywhere at any time.

    What is Cloud PC?
    Microsoft Cloud PC is a new "strategic offering" built on top of Windows Virtual desktop, which is an Azure-based system used for virtualizing Windows and applications in the cloud.

    According to reports, Cloud PC uses Microsoft's existing Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure infrastructure to deliver Desktop as a Service and enable a modern, elastic, cloud-based Windows experience.
  • Ruben Gentry
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