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    Consider hosting your Sage 100 ERP Hosting in a secure cloud environment to get the best possible value on your implementation and software investment. Despite the name change to Sage 100cloud (formerly Sage 100c, as well as MAS 90 and MAS 200 previously), the base subscription version of this application only provides cloud connectivity and is not natively hosted. However, moving to a modern digital infrastructure is possible with a preferred cloud service provider (CSP) and Sage partner such as SWK Technologies.

    Hosting your ERP applications and network infrastructures through a trusted provider gives you flexibility in how you deploy your software, including better managing ROI on implementation. Eliminate costs from traditional on-premise deployments and provide your employees with the means to access your system from anywhere and at any time. Migrating your Sage instance will allow you to capture your software and IT resources digitally instead of having to rely on costly physical equipment.

    1. Sage 100 Cloud Hosting Aids Remote Work During COVID-19
    The new normal of work from home environments during the COVID-19 pandemic would not have been possible without significant investment in digital infrastructures, including cloud-hosted networks. Hosting your Sage 100 software online allows instantaneous remote access and real-time file sharing without having to manually interact with a workstation. Virtual databases enable your remote workers to continue to collaborate and work directly with their business data while social distancing.
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