• FcknWelder
    Spent in total 9 hours experimenting with the Keymander2 over a couple days. I’m enjoying it aside from these two issues, which are the biggest I’ve encountered.
    1) Headset periodically disconnects until I unplug controller and plug it back in
    2) Im finding my aim sens is very inconsistent. What should be a high sens will be stuck slow for too long, but does come out of it. & if I “flick” or move my mouse fast, then my precise aiming is stuck at a high sens for far too long.
    I’m sure these issues have been encountered before, which is why I came to the forum. However, the known fixes I’ve been able to find were unable to solve mine.

    For issue 1, Headset will work for <3mins at a time. I’ve tried every USB port on my console, however I’m unable to use a secondary controller. I am using a power A wireless, although it recommends the original xbone controllers. Will try removing my batteries tomorrow & see if that helps (saw this recommendation earlier).

    For issue 2, I’ve hit a wall. Tried multiple profiles, as well as customizing my own. My sensitivities / settings are not maxed on the KM app, except for turn speed. I’m using exponential, and edited curves to what has felt comfortable/worked for others. I’ve tried almost every DPI / sensitivity combination possible. & I’m confident it is not my mouse pad causing issues either. Aim sens was either far too slow, or too fast until I started figuring it out more. To reiterate- the bigger issue is when I have a faster movement with my hand, then try precisely aiming, it will be 10x faster than it should be for ~15-20s. Then when I do get the sens to slow down, it will remain that speed with the faster movements for ~15-20s which makes it very inconvenient.

    I hope this is a user error, because I really want to enjoy this device more. I hear it is great for as closely replicating 1:1 keyboard & mouse on console as possible but this is the last hurdle I’ve reached from achieving it.
    I’m using a power A wireless controller (plugged into device) as well as Razer Black Widow keyboard, and Deathadder mouse

    Overall, it is a great device & I do think I would still recommend it over the pricier competitors.
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