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    Reasons to Consider Sage 100 ERP Hosting on the Cloud

    Top-Notch Data Security
    Security is always high on the list of must-haves for any business to ensure business growth. With a hosted Sage ERP 100, you get high-end security features like end-to-end data protection from potential threats such as cyber-attacks and ransomware. Besides, features like routine backups, multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and firewall ensure added security for your business compared to traditional methods. Lastly, processes like file transfer become more secure due to easier collaboration as you don’t need to send or receive files via email.

    Ease of Control
    Keeping your business secure with strong control over files or documents is one of the critical aspects to ensure business growth. Things can get drastically wrong if an important document or file gets into the wrong hands.

    Sage 100 ERP hosted on the cloud allows you to select users who can view or edit files. Moreover, real-time collaboration on the cloud helps you eliminate the requirement to create multiple versions of the same file. You can work on a single file and make real-time changes to it, which is available for all authorized users, having significant control over one file.

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