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    How to Backup and Restore MS Access Database
    In this section, we will focus on creating a plan to backup the MS Access database and steps to restore the database.

    Maintain Regular Access Database Backups

    Maintaining regular backups is the best strategy to counter data loss arising due to system failure. Also, certain changes or mistakes are irreversible, so if you backup the MS Access database, it will save you from a lot of inconveniences. For example, when you perform an action query to delete records or change data, the updated values cannot be restored by the Undo function.

    Backup MS Access Database
    When you create a backup for the MS Access database, Access saves and closes objects that are open in the Design view and saves a copy of the database file with a name and location as specified by you. Open the MS Access database for which you wish to create a backup and follow the instructions given below :

    Click File>Save As.
    Under File Types, click Save Database As.
    Under Advanced, click Back Up Database, and then click Save As.
    In the Save As dialog box, review the name of your database backup in the File name box.
    From the Save As Type list, select the file type in which you want the backup database to be saved as and then click Save.

    To know more about Backup Access Database, visit Apps4rent.
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