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    Data is crucial for any organization, and it must be protected. Data protection is possible by keeping a backup copy of the database with the help of effective backup software. But, if there is a disaster, then backup software alone does not help restore the database. It should be accompanied by a complete backup plan. So, what does the data backup plan states? The detailed data protection plan states that data must be backed up as per the ‘3-2-1’ rule.

    As per the 3-2-1 rule, database administrators must maintain three copies of important data, store these copies on two different storage types, and store at least one copy of the data offsite. Once the backup plan and the backup software is in place, it is easy to restore the database, be it in any form including Access database.

    Let’s create a step-by-step plan to backup and restore Access Database:
    Create a regular backup plan
    Perform Access database backup
    Perform backup for the split – backend and frontend database
    Restore database with the backup

    Create a regular backup plan
    In Microsoft Access database, some changes or mistakes are irreversible. For example, using an action query to change an entry or delete a record. Such entries cannot be reversed by using the undo function. You need to restore Access database from the backup or you may suffer the data loss.

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