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    The Microsoft Tunnel Gateway solution allows Microsoft Intune-enrolled iOS and Android devices to access on-premises apps and resources. Tunnel is fully integrated with the Microsoft 365 cloud and takes advantage of single sign-on capabilities using Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication from the client to Tunnel Gateway.

    Conditional Access policies, which are integrated into the Tunnel, provide an additional layer of security for your network. By applying these policies, you can restrict network access to just users who are enrolled, compliant, and meet your defined user identity risk requirements. We consider Conditional Access integration with Tunnel to be a key part of your Zero Trust security journey.

    Every organization’s network infrastructure is different. Tunnel Gateway installation is flexible to meet your unique network requirements. It can be installed on-premises, in your DMZ, or in the cloud.

    Our intention is to provide a solution that acts like an appliance and doesn’t require a lot of on-going effort to maintain. Here are a few ways we’re making that goal a reality:

    • Tunnel Gateway is enterprise ready and can be used behind a load balancer for high availability.
    • Server configuration occurs using Microsoft Endpoint Manager console, making it easy to make changes to all servers from one central location.
    • Automatic updates are rolling, so you can maintain high uptime for your Tunnel Gateway infrastructure when new versions are installing.
    • Tunnel Gateway logs are sent to the cloud to help with centralized troubleshooting. You can also use syslog integration with Azure Sentinel or other SIEM tools to log and monitor events.

    To know more about Microsoft Tunnel Gateway, visit O365CloudExperts
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