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    RDS offers several deployment options, including Windows Server 2016 for on-premises deployment, Microsoft Azure for cloud deployment, and other partner solutions.Depending on your environment and configuration, you can configure an RDS solution with one or both of the following:
    Session-based virtualization—uses the computing power of a Windows Server instance to provide a cost-effective multi-session environment for user workloads. However users need to work in an unfamiliar Windows Server UI.

    VDI—uses a Windows client to provide high performance, application compatibility, and a familiar Windows desktop environment. Virtualized environments can be published to users in one of two models:

    Desktop—provides users with a complete desktop environment, letting them install and manage a wide variety of applications. It is ideal for users who use the remote desktop as a primary workstation, or for services like thin clients.

    RemoteApps—specifies a single application that is hosted in a virtual machine, but runs on the user's desktop as a local application. The application has its own taskbar items, which can be resized and moved between monitors. Ideal for deploying and managing mission-critical applications in a secure remote environment, while allowing users to work on and customize the application from their desktop.

    To know more about Windows Virtual Machines visit CloudDesktopOnline.
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