• Willjoe
    Benefits of a virtual desktop
    You may be wondering: How do I determine if my organization will benefit from a virtual desktop solution? If all of your staff have work laptops and you can secure and manage their access to the information and applications they need, using a virtual desktop may not be necessary for your organization.

    However, for many companies, Compete366’s Azure experts highlight that their specific needs are best managed with a virtual desktop. If any of the following apply to you, it’s worth considering AVD.

    Your staff need to work remotely
    Your team need to be able to work from home, when travelling, on customer sites or in the office and have the same user experience wherever they are. You need to manage and secure access to company data and applications.

    Simple security management
    When you have contractors or part time staff that need access to information, security can become a concern. Azure WVD makes it easy for you to provide controlled and secure access to your data and applications. Additionally, your full-time employees can use their home PC (or Mac) to connect to their work virtual desktop. This keeps all your corporate information secure.

    You have an occasional need for PCs
    Don’t waste resources on setting up several physical machines if all of your employees don’t need a dedicated PC. Azure WVD makes it possible to deploy virtual PCs when you need them. As your needs change, you can add or remove virtual desktops to meet the needs of your workforce
    To know more visit https://www.clouddesktoponline.com/what-is-windows-virtual-desktop-wvd/
  • clarkleblanc
    I am looking into this issue. Currently there are many game websites, but there are games without a keyboard that will not be played. It's quite inconvenient lolbeans. If there is a virtual keyboard, it is probably more reasonable.
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