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    Yes, most gaming keyboards work fine and are recommended, however KeyMander only supports the standard 104-key layout, so extra macro keys will not function. Also,

    Note: Some heavily featured keyboards are not compatible due to excessive power requirements. A standard USB port (like on a PS3) has a power output limitation of 500mA which must be shared between the KeyMander, keyboard and mouse. Gaming keyboards with built-in headphone sound cards, USB hubs, etc. can draw close to 500mA on their own which means there is not enough current left for the KeyMander and mouse. In this situation an extra USB to mini-USB cable is needed (not included) and should be connected between the KeyMander's Power port and an additional USB power supply like those commonly used for charging smartphones and tablets, or a second connector on the game console. If a keyboard has two USB connectors, it will likely require this additional power and may or may not have other compatibility issues.

    Special keyboard features that require a software driver or an actively running application to function are not compatible with KeyMander. Most keyboards do work fine with KeyMander, but it is better to avoid keyboards with built-in sound cards, headphone outputs, etc.
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