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    Backing up your data is the first line of defense in data protection. It forms the foundation to build other data protection solutions like disaster recovery, business continuity, and high-availability. Backing up your data is not a new concept or practice. When punch cards were the data storage system of the day, operators had a second copy. However, the technologies we use to backup data have changed radically over the years, and the Internet has created the next step in this evolution—cloud-based backup solutions.

    When you backup your data with the help of Azure On Premise Backup, you are responsible for managing and maintaining the storage medium.
    Cloud backup solves this storage capacity problem. There are many business benefits to the unlimited storage capacity cloud-based backups offer. First, not having to maintain unused spare capacity increases efficiency, and unlimited storage volumes means no compromise on the amount or type of data you are backing up.

    Cloud backups work on a pay per use subscription model which has a very low barrier to entry.
    Traditional on-premise backup solutions require you to procure and commission hardware, software, and storage before you can backup your data. You also need to make sure you have enough capacity for growth which creates a period of inefficiency when your data volumes are low as you are not fully utilizing the investment you have made.
    Cloud backup solutions offer a better return. They allow you to backup your data to an enterprise-grade solution with no required upfront investment, and because you only pay for what you use, they are cost-effective and financially efficient.
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