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    Backing Up a Simple MS Access Database
    While backing up a normal Access database, open objects in the Design view are saved and closed, and a copy of the database file is generated in the name and location specified. Follow the steps below to Backup Access Database.

    • Navigate to File>Save As.
    • Expand the File Types and select Save Database As.
    • In the Advanced option, select Back Up Database and then click on Save As.
    • Provide a File Name and select the file type that will be used for saving the database.

    Backing Up a Split MS Access Database
    Larger businesses with multiple users often deploy split databases in which a centralized back-end database contains data in tables, and user interface objects, such as queries, forms, and reports, are stored in front-end databases that can be backed up locally by individual users.

    To back up a back-end database, select the appropriate file by navigating through Open Other Files > Computer > Browse, and then use the Open Exclusive option before saving the file as described above.
    The front-end database can be backed up by following the same process used with a regular Access database.
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