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    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) reduces the risk of security breaches from occurring and keeps data safe. In the past, requiring a static username and password to access an account seemed sufficient for security. However, weak or stolen passwords can be used to execute fraud attacks and data breaches when they are the only form of authentication required. Using MFA to bolster password security with another form of authentication is proven to keep hackers out of your systems. According to Microsoft, MFA can “prevent 99.9 percent of attacks on your accounts.”

    What is MFA and How does it Work?
    At a basic level, authentication requires proof that users are who they say they are. Multi-factor authentication takes it step further by requiring users to provide proof from two or more authentication factors (categories) before access is granted. A hacker or unauthorized user may be able to steal a password or buy it on the dark web, but for them to gain access to a second authentication factor is slim and requires much more effort. Consequently, MFA stops most bad actors before they can enter your systems and gain access to your data.

    Authentication Factors:
    Something you know (knowledge)
    The most common knowledge factor is a password. Other knowledge factors include PINs, passphrases and security questions (e.g., What was the name of your high school?). These have become less secure as users fall victim to phishing attacks, hackers steal or buy passwords on the dark web, and people openly share personal information (answers to security questions) on social media sites.

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