• Jimmywick
    QuickBooks Pro
    For startup businesses that are just getting the ball rolling, this is the version QuickBooks suggests. When you set up the software, it provides tips to help you get started and will walk you through importing contacts from an email account or Excel file. Up to three employees can use the software at one time, you can export reports to Excel and it allows you to download bank transactions as well. In addition, instant reports help new users save time while learning the system.

    QuickBooks Premier
    QuickBooks Premier is well-suited for the business that is not only established but is growing as well. It enables you to modify reports to your specific industry and type of business, such as contractor, retail or nonprofit. Track your inventory, produce profitability reports and find out what it will cost to complete your current project all in one location. You can also track change orders, create bills at custom intervals during a project and tailor how you monitor time and costs.

    QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
    As the most complete version, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is geared toward the well-developed business that needs advanced inventory management, the ability to create complex reports and increased options for employees' permissions within the software. While it is certainly the most costly version of QuickBooks, it also provides features and tools not available in any other edition and can easily adapt to meet the needs of a growing and changing business.
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