• Jimmywick
    Top Benefits of DaaS
    Over the last few years, DaaS has made significant progress in becoming an alternative to VDI. Below are four reasons why DaaS is becoming increasingly popular:

    1. Eliminates expertise barriers
    Many organizations that run on-premises VDI encounter several challenges, including performance, operational and scalability constraints. This is due to a lack of specialized IT personnel with requisite experience in VDI. Many organizations already have overstretched IT budgets. And even in cases where the budget allows, hiring experienced administrators proves difficult because of the few skilled IT personnel even on the market. VDI compounds these challenges.

    With DaaS, organizations can elastically complement their VDI deployments in the cloud and shift management challenges to a cloud vendor. The few IT administrators in the organization can then focus on delivering services to satisfy digital transformation goals.

    2. Overcomes geographical limitations
    Adopting a distributed workforce model is advantageous for companies because it makes the business more visible and accessible to customers. It also helps the company tap into new territories to access a wider pool of talent. DaaS Cloud is an excellent solution for addressing the needs of the distributed workforce across disparate locations.

    Employees can work virtually from anywhere and at any time provided they have a solid internet connection. Even when these employees are in different regions, they can collaborate via DaaS with ease.
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