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    Whether you are a current user of QuickBooks, or you’re still considering which accounting software to invest in, you should know about QuickBooks Enterprise.

    Quickbooks Enterprise boasts more features than any other version of QuickBooks and is Intuit’s “mid market” offering. While it does cost more that QuickBooks Online or Desktop, the unique benefits more than make up for the extra cost of the software. We’ve identified 9 key advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise that make the higher price point well worth it for a growth-minded company.

    1. Job Costing
    Is there any surprise that job costing is one of the number one reasons people upgrade from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Enterprise? QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to create estimates, track time and expenses against the estimate, and run detailed job costing reports (that are built in natively – no setup required!) to determine the profitability on each job. Accurate estimation is crucial for all types of businesses, and so robust job costing capabilities are a game changer for those switching to the software.

    2. Backups are Easier Due to the Vault
    When you sign up for a QuickBooks Enterprise subscription, as an extra feature, you also get a one-year subscription to an online vault. You can use this vault to back up your data. With 10GB of storage, the vault helps to keep your QuickBooks reports safe, and for no additional cost. In addition to your necessary accounting data, other files that can be stored include your spreadsheets, images, and other digital files of different formats. This is a unique benefit that comes with the use of the QuickBooks Enterprise, as the Pro and Premier versions do not have this.

    To know more about QuickBooks Accounting Desktop visit Apps4Rent.
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