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    f you are using QuickBooks Enterprise, you have a plethora of industry-specific options to choose from. Fundamentally, QuickBooks Enterprise has sophisticated features which are not present in either of QuickBooks Pro or Premier edition.
  • Jimmywick
    Features of QuickBooks Enterprise Construction business edition

    Improved Electronic InvoicingMany contractors use progress billing to maintain adequate cash flow while projects are underway. QuickBooks has long supported progress billing, but QuickBooks Enterprise for Contractors makes it even easier for clients to pay those invoices with its enhanced electronic invoicing features.

    Using QuickBooks Enterprise for Contractors, you can email invoices to customers with a convenient Pay Now link. Once your client makes a payment, the payment is automatically applied to the proper invoice. You can also create customized electronic invoice templates for each client by adding specific fields (such as purchase order number) or phrases.

    Scheduling Tasks, Appointments, and More
    Being successful in the construction industry requires carefully tracking and managing a seemingly endless list of to-dos, tasks, appointments, reminders, and project milestones. Properly handling all of these tasks and schedules helps ensure projects are completed on time, and new work continues to come in the door.

    QuickBooks Enterprise for Contractors helps constriction businesses keep track of all ofthe important dates with a built-in calendar.

    When you open the calendar within QuickBooks Enterprise, it automatically displays any to-dos or transactions coming up within the next seven days, as well as any that are currently past due.

    J Wick
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