• Jimmywick
    Virtual Desktops Can Boost Your Business
    The fact is that virtual desktops can help and support your business in a number of ways. Understanding how virtual desktop solutions can help allows you to make the reasoned decision about whether they are right for you and your business.

    A virtual desktop solution is, briefly, a set up where all of your software and the desktop interface are kept in the cloud, rather than being stored locally as with traditional desktops. This generally provides more security and allows for the use of cheaper hardware at the user end.
  • Willjoe
    Benefits of VDI
    1. Simplified and Centralized Management
    Problems will come up with the infrastructure deployed requiring resolution. Work can be done remotely to resolve faults from the central station. Thus, a key benefit of Hosted VDI is simplified and centralized management.

    2. Flexibility
    You can affect installations, troubleshooting procedures, and upgrades without any action whatsoever being undertaken by the user. Activities like the virtual creation of desktops can be deployed without affecting the end-users productivity in any way. Flexibility via VDI gives unique advantages.

    3. Accessibility
    Devices like mobiles, tablets, and Thin Clients are now accessible since VDI benefits & utilizes basic I-O (input-Output) data. Furthermore, because of this unique capability, users now have within-the-reach software that normally would not have been available to them, like Windows-based software packages on a Mac. Users now have enhanced capability due to accessibility.

    Hope this helps
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