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    QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is an advanced business accounting solution that offers custom-tailored features for prominent industries, including construction. This version of QuickBooks Desktop brings a lot of good features to help construction businesses firms manage the different aspects of their business—from juggling between job estimates, managing and tracking contractors, and monitoring profitability.

    While QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is a locally installed accounting program, users can now access their data on the cloud through private hosting. With hosted QuickBooks Enterprise, you will get additional benefits, including remote access, scalability, and multi-user collaboration. In this post, we’ll walk you through the top benefits of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise for contractors.

    Remote Access
    With QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise on the cloud, you can manage your accounting data and files from any part of the world, without any limitation in local networks. In the construction industry, businesses often require working out of the office. Having a powerful hosted version of QuickBooks Enterprise makes it easy for you to manage your team members in real-time, regardless of the device or operating system you use—whether it’s a tablet,laptop, Mac or PC. You only need an internet connection to stay connected with your team members—ensuring that you all work in sync to complete projects on time.

    Multi-User Collaboration
    While QuickBooks Enterprise gives you all the features you need to manage your construction business, there is one thing you miss—you can’t easily collaborate with your team members or off-site bookkeepers or accountants. With QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, you or anyone in the team can share files and resources on the cloud. There is no need for you to send emails back and forth just to share reports with your clients or other persons involved. This means you can work closely with outsourced employees or professionals, reducing errors and improving the overall productivity of your firm.

    To know more about Job costing in QuickBooks, Visit: https://www.apps4rent.com/blog/job-costing-in-quickbooks-online-vs-desktop-contractor/
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