• Wholesa
    I know cold war already has keyboard and mouse compatibility, But i am doing this to get aim assist on mk So i was wanting help converting my current mk settings to the keymander because to be honest it is quite a hassle. I spent four hours last night tweaking around with it and got no where.
    Here are the settings

    Mouse sensitivity 13
    ads sens multi low zoom 1
    ads sens multi high zoom 1
    vert sens multi 1.05
    Monitor distance coefficient 1.33
    Mouse Acceleration 0
    Mouse smoothing disabled
    Mouse filtering 0

    those are my current settings i would appreciate the help i am getting tired of messing with it.
  • dostimostu
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  • nicolhill
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  • onlinebattlegrounds
    I'll give it a try atleast once I know, I think the vert sens multi can be more.
  • dostimostu
    The most common setting for keyboards is "Auto". This means that the game will detect if your keyboard has a numeric keypad or not and will set these keys to numbers. There are two other settings, "Num Lock" and "Caps Lock". If you have a numeric keypad on your keyboard, it is recommended that you use Num Lock. If you don't have a numeric keypad, it is recommended that you use Caps Lock as this will disable any special keys like Alt or Ctrl. for more info Click here
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