• lucasPeni
    Hi - can anybody help me find a long lost game memory? I remember one of those jaw dropping gaming moments from when I was a child, from late 1990??? I thought it was Tomb Raider 1996 but just watched a walkthrough and could n https://19216801.onl/ ot see it. I remember moving through a valley with polygon jungle growth. Out of the blackness comes a set of climbing blocks but as you look up the camera pans up and back to reveal you are standing next to a giant Buddha statue and awe inspiring music plays... I have looked through ot https://routerlogin.uno/ her Tomb Raider game walkthroughs but cannot find it. I think it was late 1990/early 2000s. Playstation game? Tomb Raider/3rd person game. I always remember it as a special gaming moment...maybe I dreamt the whole thing! Did I make this up or badly remember it? Help!
  • zeno54
    If my memory serves me well, Hitman: Codename 47 featured a large monument in one of the Jungle Levels, but I don't believe there was a major surprise.
  • gabriell
    I'm not sure how to get started or what kind of setup I'll need to make it work. Can anyone provide some guidance on how to use the KeyMander
    KeyMander is a device that allows you to use a keyboard and mouse to play games on your console. This can be especially useful for gamers who are more comfortable with a keyboard and mouse and want to use it to play their favorite console games.

    To use the KeyMander, you'll need to connect it to your console and your keyboard and mouse. The device supports a variety of consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. You'll also need to download and install the KeyMander software on your computer to configure the device and customize your settings.

    One of the benefits of using the KeyMander is that it allows you to customize your gameplay experience. You can map keyboard keys and mouse buttons to specific console commands and even create macros to perform complex actions with just one keystroke. Additionally, the device comes with pre-configured profiles for popular games, which can save you time and effort when setting up your controls.
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