• Jessica Smith
    Hi everyone, I want this post to be different from all the other ones that are either white knighting the game or throw criticism and complains like it's their job.

    I don't want to address the Gacha pulls, rates or the resin system but the playerbase, or rather the consumer.

    There are a lot of posts that complain that there is nothing to do in the game anymore and that a lot of it is gated by resin. A lot of people who are upset that 1.1 has no major content update.

    The problem is not that there is no content or content update the problem is the player. What do I mean when I say this?

    We live in such an accelerated world that pretty much everything we have is on demand. TV shows, movies, music, games everything is instantly delivered to the consumer. A lot of these mediums are supposed to cover a larger frame of time before the next update comes, but people are binge watching, speedrunin or listened to the same album 30x times within a few days.

    The gap between production and consumption has become so insanely big that the only way to keep up with people's demand is to cut off or sacrifice possible options.

    Gacha games suffer the same, people want new units,characters or weapons, banners have to be replaced in such a short frame, only to then hear "man I couldn't pick up this character or max out that weapon"

    Imagine how much easier the game would become for a lot of people if ventis banner would last longer. F2P players can use the free currency they accumulate for a couple more 10 pulls, people with lower incomes can spend more frequently over a longer period.

    A lot of games have content designed to last 40-80 hours and are run through in 20. Banners are bought out the same day they are released.

    This also one of the reason why there so many bugs or overturned/undertoned characters, problems because when the developers come down to "what do we need to address" the answer is not "problems and issues" it is "our investors wallets"

    It becomes a spiral of: "more revenue > more money > new content > more revenue" Now if that content is quote on quote, broken, bugged, good or bad is something that can be addressed later.

    It used to be normal to play something different when you didn't want to, or had to wait for an update on a game. But now if that happens to be case the first thing that is looked at is the revenue. "Oh people are not playing anymore, better take out my money".

    The worst part is that from all this the people who actually suffer the most are the developers who love the things they create more than any other.

    As someone who studied and worked in the game industry I can assure you, developers have so many crazy ideas and things their love to try out or implement but just can't.

    The only thing I can recommend you, if you want to enjoy this game, and I plainly mean enjoy. Just step down from the gas and you will see that once all that pressure of "I need this" and "gotta catch up" is gone the game, despite flaws becomes a lot more fun.

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