• Kool
    Every day I think about how it is possible that the developers only improve the device without asking the community what is wrong, what fails is the connection of the control to the keymander, the worst thing is that they will respond to verify their keymander, than a person who has Almost 2 years playing with the keymander every day knows what really fails, every day there are disgusted people who give them incomplete answers and then come back because the truth is that nothing is resolved, 3800 dpi self-directed, 10,000 dpi without automatically pointing. It is better that someone with the time that took me now my question has tried to solve the problem, because I have been in the forum and I have never seen a remarkable change, etc https://showbox.bio/ https://tutuapp.uno/.

    The error occurs when you connect the control to the keymander, so do not tell me to verify your remote control because I have 4 and all the cables were purchased from your company.
    I deserve a good response, because they only make the keymander playable and not take it to another level, the keymander is only playable nothing more

    when the control is connected to the keymander, the movement has problems when the control is disconnected from the keymander, it works perfect 20 min but it is a pity that it must be connected
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The reason the mouse feels different when connected through the computer is because your Windows drivers are affecting it. Set your Windows drivers as noted here and you should be the same with or without the PC connected.
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