• umiedotre9
    I got this today and I can’t connect my keyboard to the KEYMANDER 2. I have the correct cable for my controller and it works. When I plug up my keyboard, the device beeps and my keyboard just flashes and will not allow me to use it Somebody help
  • Moderator [Derek]

    This is the forum for the original KeyMander, but you need the KeyMander 2 forum located here. Does the mouse work in game or do both the mouse and the keyboard not work in game? If both the mouse and the keyboard do not work in game, there are a few possible problems with the lack of data transfer through the micro USB cable being the most common, but if you used the cable that came in the box that should not be the issue. Did you use the cable provided or one of your own?

    The next most common problem depends on your console. If you are on Xbox One, check this. If you are on PS4, check this.

    The next thing to check is make sure you are using profile mode 1 (F1) and you are not on Crossover Mode (F4) or only the controller will function.

    If the mouse works and the keyboard does not, what keyboard is it?
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